They work hard for the money. So hard for the money.

Yesterday, I wrote an application that targets compliance for FEC campaign finance digital disclosure. More accurately, I’ve written it over about 4 months now, but the disclosure part is being written this week.

Yesterday, the USHoR voted 425-0 to congratulate Lovie Smith and Tony Dungy. Apparently the 10 members who didn’t vote were asleep.


That’s right.

There’s already a company that exists only to make fun of Ted Stevens.

BHO ’08

It’s officially partially official, whatever that means.

BHO is filing with the FEC.

And if you’ve gone a month without seeing the best political viral ever… well, I’ll pretend I don’t notice if you click on the above link.

The Keg of Glory

Victory is mine, victory is mine. Great day in the morning, people.

The bug that has taken me most of the month to debug was a scope error. I fixed it in the shower in the morning and development continues unhindered. AJAX has a way of taking otherwise simple bugs and obscuring them behind layers of complexity, but today I have conquered and I drink from the keg of glory.

Bring me the freshest bagels and muffins in all the land.

Fills a Niche (and your stein)

If you’ve ever been out with me, I don’t make much of a secret of the fact that a take a special kind of pleasure in a good Belgian brew.

Sometimes finding one can be a challenge, though. Sure, there are sites like Coastr that take a a social networking approach to solving the dilemma of finding a new brew when your friends and bartenders are out of suggestions. Sometimes you want something more. Say you’re a block from the Russell Office Building and need to know the best place to hang around with some twentysomethings for beer and karaoke. MappyHour is your site.

It is also helpful if you actually find yourself in Belgium and need to find the best place to drink a Leffe for 2 Euros.

Yeah. You can go ahead and say it. I’m a beer snob.

Malevolent Design

Scientists claim to have discovered the genetic mutations necessary for an avian virus to evolve into a virulent human virus.

“There are big differences between the virus first found in 1997 and the virus we see now,” says Yoshihiro Kawaoka, who believes that avian flu is evolving into a strain of virus that could potentially spread between humans.

However, Kawaoka’s results are founded on a still unproven theory: Darwin’s theory of evolution. Various other theories exist to explain the changes seen in this virus. A competing theory, intelligent design, holds that the avian flu’s transition towards human pathogen has occured with deliberate intent by an intelligent entity.

No entity has yet claimed responsibility for this seemingly deliberate transformation, but representatives from the CDC have promised that if found, he or she will be brought to justice for creating such a deadly and destructive agent.

Cross-Posted at Hotsoup. Because I just couldn’t resist.

As Goes Pasco

Live in Pasco county? You may be the microcosm of Florida. People will watch your results hawkish attention. You are the wine-tasters of Florida elections, and you get your results out quickly. Want to know the likely election results without waiting for midnight? Visit

More Exciting than Sports

You have a little over 7 hours left. I’m a sucker for election days. Like others watch the Super Bowl or the World Series, I think election day is exciting in a way few other days are. Even the ads: the ones I agree with, the ones that make me furious, the ones that make me laugh. Hey, a lot like the Super Bowl.

So. Read about the candidates, especially for things like City Council if you live in Temple Terrace like me. Or the countywide commission seats. Keep in mind that a ballot for governor or senate is also essentially an early ballot for potential presidential candidates.

Please. Vote. Now. Drag yourself to the polls. You can do it. Take part of your lunch break if you have to. You will be glad that you did.

Fame? I think?

I know that this isn’t related to anything at all but as I’ve been spending way too much time developing software, this struck me as amusing: I have a paparazzi.

I was out cycling this morning and waiting for a turn signal when someone pulls up, snaps a picture and drives off. I smiled, so at least the photo won’t be embarrassing if it ends up in a paper. Perhaps he recognized me from my moments of fame, or perhaps he recognized a champion of cyclist safety.

Maybe next time it will be an attractive girl and I can be flattered.

Global Standardopolis

I’m not sure whether this is supposed to be funny or not.

I’ll let you make your own judgements.