Bulls and Bears

“I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t like what I saw.”

These were the words Miami Hurricanes coach Larry Coker used when asked about playing the South Florida Bulls this week. Perhaps it’s because they’re occupying that comfy number nine spot that Louisville held just a week ago.

Tony Marquis of the USF Oracle advises us to [...]

Bucs continue to outperform

The Bulls aren’t the only team having a strong season this year. The Bucs (that team from Tampa who won the Superbowl) are making an impressive start of it this season.

“Cadillac” Williams is an imressive addition to the team, and he continues to surpass nearly everyone’s expectations. This week was his third consecutive 100-yard game [...]

The Northwest Passage

I’ve found it. The long sought-after route from Temple Terrace to Downtown Tampa that doesn’t leave you feeling as if you’re going to be run down by the next semi.

Round trip took me a little under two hours, with a pretty stiff headwind half of the way.

The route is as follows:
Whiteway Dr east to Riverhills
Riverhills [...]

A Sad Day for Kentucky

It’s been said, but allow me to say it again. The game last night was quite simply amazing. Louisville, ranked eighth or ninth depending on who you ask, choked in their conference opener in Tampa. The highlights of the game include a 94 yard kickoff return for a touchdown to start the second half, and [...]

Shapeshifters, Sorcerers, and Nuclear Waste

One of the best things about having wireless internet in the condo is that I can blog about the best drama on television while watching it.

The questions just keep coming too. Why is Jimmy Hoffa hanging around in a hatch on an island in the Pacific? Why does he have a monochrome DOS terminal? Is [...]

A Virus for What?

That’s right, a Korean Mozilla distributor released binaries containing a three year old virus for Linux.

What you say? A virus for Linux?

That’s right, they do exist. However, in my time using Linux (4 years) I’ve been hit only once by the cinik worm on a webserver of mine and it was quickly dealt with.

According to [...]

Breezy Badger Preview

Don’t know how this one slipped by me. Development of the new Ubuntu Linux entitled “Breezy Badger” is near completion. Feature highlights include the freshly released Gnome Desktop version 2.12, 2.0 beta, 6.8.2, an enhanced installer, integrated support for audio CD burning, and a fully graphical boot process.

Check out the preview release notes [...]

Judge Roberts says those two simple words.

“I do.”

Followed shortly by:

“Liberty is not limited to freedom from physical restraint”

Allow me to breathe a sigh of relief for all of us who were worried about John’s respect for a constitutional right to privacy. Perhaps John Roberts is the right man for the job?

Recruiting the Enemy

Microsoft tried to recruit Eric Raymond, founder of the Open Source Initiative for a job. As usual, his response was both brutal and humorous. Eric blogged it verbatim.

Gnome 2.12 Released

Gnome 2.12 is out and in production. A number of features that I’ve previously mentioned are included. It hasn’t been officially included in any stable distro I know of yet, but you can be sure that the next Ubuntu release as well as Gentoo will soon support this new feature set.

If you’ve never used [...]