Ditching Sony: a 28-day program, part four

Well, here we are. The conclusion of my four part promotion of indie music. It was sparked by a remarkably braindead move by Sony. A move so remarkable that it received quite a few unwelcome remarks.

A few people dropped the “boycott”-word and even more jumped on the wagon before the story came to its bittersweet [...]

Inconspicuous Consumption

Yes, that’s right. The only Thanksgiving tradition that vegetarians are capable of truly observing with gusto.

You know the one I’m talking about. Waiting in the dead of night, loitering in the cold dark for the midnight opening of CompUSA, just to be the first geek to walk out of the store with 420 GB of [...]

Firefox of Gozar

Noticed this today while learning myself some Firefox extensions:


That’s why I love Firefox developers. Because one time, I turned into a dog and they helped me. Thank you.

Ditching Sony: a 28-day program, part three

I’ll start off by saying that Sony is finally falling in and doing what they’re supposed to. However, if the experience has left a bad taste in your mouth, feel free to boycott Sony all you want. In fact, you’re even free to boycott the Big Four in the world music market.

To aid you in [...]

Some Mighty Fine Pickin’ and a Singin’

If you missed Nickel Creek last night, I’ll only rub it in thusly: Boy, did you miss it. It wasn’t difficult to miss this show, though. There wasn’t an empty seat in the house.

An impromptu mandolin duet with Mike Marshall was among the many highlights. I won’t gush about the Dead-esque jams and improv [...]

Mad Hatters

The USF men’s soccer team faces off against the Stetson Hatters tonight in the first game of the NCAA championship tournament. This is Stetson’s first NCAA game ever, and South Florida’s first appearance since 2001.

During the main season, USF defeated Altantic Sun Champion Stetson 2-1 during the main season. However, Stetson is on a four-game [...]

Sony says Sorry, Recalls Music

The details have yet to be released, but it appears Sony has finally buckled under the pressure of public outcry.

As Eric Goldman puts it, “The outrage reflects frustration with software vendors deciding what’s on your computer. People are beginning to say, ‘Stop it. Give me my hard drive back.’ “

The story is far from over [...]

The Sony Nation

Alternate Title: “That’s One Big Lawsuit”

Since this Sony Rootkit Phones Home, security expert Dan Kaminsky decided to use a technique called Reverse DNS cache snooping to find out approximately how many systems were phoning home. The results weren’t pretty. Over one half million (568,200 to be exact) nameservers said that they’d been used to phone [...]

Flu Pill Makes Kids Jump out Windows

There have been times that flu symptoms have made me consider jumping out a window, but I’ve never actually done so.

The BBC reported this morning that the popular flu drug Tamiflu may cause delusions. Scientists are saying that this is not a problem with the drug, and that delusions are a typical symptom [...]

This Just Keeps Getting Better

I’d like to talk about something besides Sony, but every time I think that I’ve heard the weirdest thing possible, this happens.

Sony, if you’re going to create malicious software to prevent people from “stealing” you should really be more careful about where you get your source code.

Yeah, you heard it right. Sony stole portions of [...]