Strange Allies

What do the Gun Owners of America and have in common? The same thing that unites Craigslist founder Craig Newmark with Google exec Vint Cerf. They’re all coming out in favor of Network Neutrality.

I’m all for competitive market solutions when they’re appropriate. Sometimes we all benefit more from some cooperation however, and the Internet [...]

The Drake’s Long Life Expectancy

It’s official: Dapper Drake will be a supported Ubuntu distro for three years on the desktop and five years on the server.

For those addicted to 6 month release cycles, they will still be there, but Ubuntu has put together such a solid product with Dapper (officially known as Ubuntu 6.06 LTS) that they’re going to [...]

(getting closure)

Okay. CS Weenie, if you’re reading this: I tried lisp in more than just a trivial application and you’re right.

I find Closures more fun (and useful) than I feel comfortable admitting around my friends. Stacks and trees are trivially easy. Calling functions (like this) took some getting used to, and occasionally I’d find [...]

Even more SkyPoints!

For those who don’t know, I’m kind of in love with SkyPoint as an example of how affordable* downtown high-rises can market themselves, especially to the young professional sort.

Pre-wired surround sound, wireless and fiber everywhere, full health club, great location. It’s a formula for success and it’s working for them. If the REIT is [...]

The Season for Bloatware

That’s right, Easter Eggs. Those little pieces of unnecessary software written into other programs, for which the end-user is free to hunt.

Emphasizing the bloat in OpenOffice, we have the following egg. Open up OpenOffice.org2 Calc, then enter the following formula into a cell: =GAME(“StarWars”).



Someone else has noticed these. I’m a casual evangelist for these things. They taste significantly better than a Powerbar and they’re better for you than other better-tasting items.

Perfect for endurance cycling or endurance hacking. Brilliant!

Take with several grains of salt.

New poll results from Zogby Interactive put Democratic front-runner Jim Davis only two points behind overall and Republican front-runner Charlie Crist at 42%-%40. Davis leads Gallagher by three points at 41%-38%. Both of these are within the 4% margin of error, so pay attention; this race is about to get interesting.

The Firewall on your Social Network

This is absolutely hilarious. Given my past sentiments toward “Web 2.0″ as a confirmed technological curmudgeon, Isolatr is a web page after my own heart.

An example of Anti-Social Networking technology, Isolatr’s patented technology is dedicated to “Helping you find where other people aren’t.” Their instant messaging client is dubbed IMolatr and according to [...]

AJAX, SOAP, and a lot of Hot Air

Matt Magain has a great April Fools article on how you can build a wildly successful Web 2.0 application without ever actually writing an application.

Publish an API for your application to get developers interested in hooking into it. Implementation of specific methods isn’t important at this stage; just put a series of stub methods in [...]