You know you want to

If anyone out there wants to buy me a database server, it would be a great help to a budding ASP.

I’ve been working on this for a while now, with varying results.

Occasionally, I’ve revealed part of its top-secret functionality.

There has been the occasional boast-and-taunt. Oh, if you’re still developing synchronous web applications: I’m finally making [...]

Foreign Policy in Tampa

Tony Lake, foreign policy adviser for BHO, is coming to town Wednesday, June 6th to have lunch and talk foreign affairs with Obama supporters.

It’s a bigger ticket event than the last one, but it looks smaller and more focused than the last one. If I can find the dough I’m going to try and [...]

A Full 8 Hours

I’m rapidly on my way to a complete night of sleep. The final switchover to a new router/proxy at the office has finally gone through seamlessly, and all of our VoIP phones have been working now with a decent quality of service for almost 16 hours (!)

It’s a decent sized network with a few [...]

Farewell to Verizon

I find myself, at 1 am, realizing that I haven’t blogged about anything for going on two months and I should probably explain my absence.

It turns out my skill set of Linux administration, PHP programming, generic web design, and general geekery is suddenly in demand more than it used to be. I’ve been spending [...]