Farewell to Verizon

I find myself, at 1 am, realizing that I haven’t blogged about anything for going on two months and I should probably explain my absence.

It turns out my skill set of Linux administration, PHP programming, generic web design, and general geekery is suddenly in demand more than it used to be. I’ve been spending much of the last two months rolling out a Asterisk IP-PBX for my office. As I delve deeper into the world of SIP trunks and ITSP service, I keep finding more and more useful things to do with it. Here’s a cool example:

Say you shell out a monthly fee to AT&T for unlimited data on your cell phone. We’ll assume for a second that you get some decent bandwidth on this. Let’s say you’re short on peak minutes. In that case, Fring is here to help. Fring lets you place VoIP calls over your data enabled cell phone. You use only your data path and your call never uses the cellular phone network itself, so you don’t incur any minute-by-minute charges. Mobile VoIP = Free Cell phone minutes. If that’s not cool, I don’t know what is.

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