Psst… There’s more than one election in November

It’s easy to forget the less glamorous races during the intense news cycle of a presidential campaign but it’s important to remember that there are “down ticket” candidates running in this election as well.

Hillsborough’s County Commission is one of the most bizarre elected bodies in existence. Deciding that a giant Confederate Flag near I-4 is free speech while banning GLBT events, for example.

I won’t even go into transit policy or sustainable development. If you live here you’re aware of these things. If you live here and are aware of these local issues (say you commute via bike, perhaps) you should really consider Kevin Beckner.

I’m not making an endorsement, but I will tell you that I voted for this gentleman in the primary (along with 2% of my fellow citizens, which was enough to win, but don’t get me started on turnout) and nothing against Joe Redner, but it’s nice to have someone whose campaign slogan isn’t “You don’t want me but you need me.”

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