In the Soup appears to be attracting some large names from all over the political spectrum, as promised.

Their press release today drops a few names: John McCain, Lance Armstrong, Lloyd Hill, Bob Buford, and Mary Shull.

In case you don’t recognize that last one, Mary Shull represents the group that Hotsoup is targeting. Hotsoup calls them Opinion [...]

Code Kata

It’s difficult to explain how to become a talented programmer.

Sure it helps to know some logic design, some common tricks and structures, and the theory behind what works well and why. Ultimately though, the ability to write elegant code, without making mistakes stems from the ability to write code for a non-production environment until [...]

Thinking ahead.

Should we win the primary election in 31 days, life will get a good deal simpler for a while.

I will find myself forced to face the logistics of finding a reasonably priced apartment inside the beltway, for example.

I’m stuck at the moment between this one, which is rather nice, and this one which vaguely [...]

Fun with the Neighbors

It’s a common enough problem. Broadband Internet access is everywhere. Wireless routers are cheap and commodified, and no one turns on encryption by default. When encryption is turned on, it’s trivially insecure. This naturally means that some piggybacking is inevitable.

It’s long been a solution of mine to divide wireless traffic into [...]

A Different Kind of Competition

Lest you thought that my 60+ hour weeks were purely altruistic, I thought I’d share a list of the 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill.

That’s right. If nothing else, working for peanuts in Washington as a congressional aide should at least give me a better dating pool. That is if I have any [...]