Fixing a Hole

Okay, there aren’t many holes to speak of in GNOME, but continuing the Beatles motif was irresistible.

Since I have been drooling over the new features of Ubuntu Linux, I thought it only appropriate to attribute some of the more stylish features to their source, GNOME.

Ubuntu development tracks GNOME development almost exactly, so the new release [...]

Getting so much better all the time

The great thing about Ubuntu’s regular release cycle, is it gives me new stories on a six month basis. I tend to start obsessing over the new version as feature freezes start and the next release starts to take shape.

So what’s new in the fastest growing Linux distro? Quite a bit.

Someone hacked up a patch [...]

The Conundrum of Public Opinion

I once posted about the addition of free wireless Internet access to express buses from New Tampa. It got shot down pretty quickly as a service largely unneeded by the “underprivileged.” At yesterday’s town hall meeting with the president, someone raised the question about why the highway bill earmarks money for projects that aren’t [...]

To My Valentine: The Mass Media

Over the years, you’ve been the relationship that has lasted. You are what I read as soon as I wake up and you’re the last thing I watch before I retire to bed.

You tell the best stories. You make me laugh; sometimes you make me cry. Other times you do things like this and [...]

Rolling on Rails

Set up this Rails thing after hearing so much about it.

I really have to hand it to it, time to getting some bits under my fingernails from blank console is under 5 minutes.

Looking forward to playing around. For fun, check out the Rails screencasts where the developer creates a weblog engine with comments and [...]

Politicians for Lunch

If you’re near a television in the Tampa Bay area tomorrow around 12 pm, be sure to flip over to Bay News 9.

The Suncoast Tiger Bay Club, a non-partisan political group, plans to have a politician for lunch tomorrow. Their website says they “carve up” politicians for lunch. It should be pretty lively with a [...]

Shameless Self-Promotion

Okay, blogs are all about public ego-stroking, so you’ll excuse me if I engage in some right about now.

Open up this PDF, scroll down to page 6 and read the bit about NuSOAP, then read a bit more about who NGP software is.

It’s not much, but poor college students work for recognition almost exclusively, [...]

Second Place is the Second Loser

In a recent poll by GlobeScan, Inc., public opinion on several of the more influential countries in global politics was surveyed. The results?

Well, as far as negative opinion goes, the world doesn’t seem to hate us as much as it hates Iran. Iran bumped us out of first place, where we were in last [...]