A Snake! A Snake!

Hey! Remember about two months ago when I did that review of Serpentine?

Well, Tiago Cogumbreiro, the developer behind Serpentine came across it and left a comment calling me on a few features. Regardless of my rating of Serpentine. Tiago gets 5 stars in my book. Keep up the good work, man!

Package Retraction

To any of you who downloaded that package yesterday, I sincerely apologize for any headaches I may have caused. Apparently it had an exclusive arrangement with me, as far as running properly was concerned.

Anyway, I’ve fixed it, I think. It depends on libmp4v2-0, but I think that’s installed by default in Ubuntu. Whee dependencies. If [...]

The Apple iPr0n

Okay, I’m being a bit facetious here. I was thrilled to get a spiffy new video iPod for Christmas this year which meant I finally get to play with video podcasts.

“This is great,” I thought to myself, “now I can watch Democracy Now while I’m on my way to school, yay!”

However, after examining the state [...]

Social Bling

More on Blingo, the cool site with the weird name that gives away free stuff for searching. It appears they have their own social networking framework set up. So not only do you win things if you search, you win when your friends search. Wow, a free way to share your free fortunes with [...]

Search Engine Bling?

It takes a lot to pull me away from my favored search engines, but this is just really neat.

It’s called Blingo and their business model is to give things away for searching. On top of this, their results are powered by Google, so you don’t lose any of the speed and accuracy which you’ve come [...]

It’s About That Time

As primary time rolls closer, you might start to notice that political blogs have something to do again. Candidates are fund-raising like it’s going out of style, and campaigners are busy gathering votes in anticipation of upcoming ballots.

District 11 is no exception. With Representative Jim Davis running for Governor, the district 11 seat is up [...]

Out of the Office

Exams are over, but as one thing gives way to another, I’m departing Florida for a week beginning tomorrow.

Don’t panic. I’m taking the laptop with me (though it’s limping along without a hard drive thanks to the incompetency of FedEx drivers; the pizza guy can find my house, FedEx ought to be able to! [...]

In case you needed one

A few people from my Electronic Music class are putting on a concert at the New World Brewery. Sadly, I won’t be there as I’m heading out of town on Friday, but if you can make it you really should. They’ll be playing a pair of Moog synths. How very vintage!

And now for the linkage. [...]

Light Traffic

Inspired by Dave Pinero’s description of the New Tampa Hartline user input tour, I dropped in at the Temple Terrace meeting before one of my exams last night.

A few interesting ideas were tossed around. First, the Hartline people seem really excited about BRT, a solution that BloGax has mentioned before. Also, I asked [...]

Wireless While You Ride

HARTLine buses servicing New Tampa will have free wi-fi, says a one sentence paragraph at the bottom of an article in the St. Pete Times. Now that’s a fringe benefit.

Mass transit always has the benefit of giving its passengers some extra time in the mornings. Since one doesn’t have to worry about evading [...]