The Prides of March

Some quick updates from the campaign trail.

We had a great turnout at our fundraiser tonight and last night, which brings us right to the end of the first quarter of 2006.

A quick glance at my calendar says we have scarcely five months until the election. (Sept. 5 is our Superbowl) I’ve been working for [...]

Paid Leave

There is a slight chance that in the near future, posts to “The Casimir Effect” might become scarce for a short period.

The reason? Money.

I’m (finally) being paid large sums of money in exchange for that ever elusive commodity, my free time.

I know. Believe me, this announcement pains me more than it does you. I’ll [...]

Who Took the Hills out of Hillsborough?

Hillsborough must have exported its hills early in its history, along with Zephyrhills. Where did all these hills go? East Pasco County, that’s where. Site of the Annual St. Pete Times Bike Tour. You remember, the one I mentioned this morning?

In case you missed it, you can leer at the rugged, unspoiled country roads [...]

Now Appearing In Lycra

Like gawking at lots of fit people in Lycra? Don’t lie now.

In any case, the streets of East Pasco county can be your gawking ground this morning. Come on out, it’ll be fun, and I’ll be able to say that I have a cheering section.

The Bane and Boon of The Internet

As you know, I like to exploit my readers in the name of beta testing, especially when I’ve done something I consider neat.

Like atomic energy, some technologies can be used for good or evil. With that in mind, I’d like some of you to test out a new AJAX-enabled, MySQL-backed mass-mailer.

Before you throw rotten fruit, [...]

The Perils of Overcapitalizing

From an economic perspective, I am a fan of the mixed-market economy. Free markets are great for innovation, but there comes a time when too fierce competition creates a destructive kind of competition that stifles innovation. To use Richard Stallman’s analogy, capitalistic competition is like a race: as long as those competing stick to [...]

Acronym Abuse

AJAX is the thing. All the cool kids are playing with it now. Implementing it from scratch can be an exercise in masochism, especially from a debugging perspective. Enter SAJAX a PHP library that makes AJAX applications accessible to the masses of web developers still using boring, synchronous, form-centric POST and GET. (I know what [...]