When using COMET, always remember to flush();

Okay, I couldn’t resist. Since I’ve been speaking so often on the wonders of HTTP Streaming in AJAX applications.

I posted recently about a technique to hold open such a connection using hidden IFRAMES and inline javascript tags.

Since a user agent executes javascript as it’s received, regardless of the rendering status of the rest of [...]

Tour de Landis

It’s true, I actually follow a few races that don’t end on Sept. 5.

I have to admit, after a crushing 11 minute loss in the Alps, Floyd Landis delivered a stunning stage 17 and a top notch individual time trial. I watched all of stage 20 into Paris.

What a ride. With Basso and [...]

Drop it like its…


The new venture that Ron Fournier is putting together is a mix of social networking and policy discussion.

From the fact sheet:

Americans believe their institutions are failing them. Research and polls show a long decline in the public’s faith in government, business, and even organized religion. Opinion Drivers across the country are losing patience with party [...]

What could it be?

This morning’s Note opens with the following lede:

“We finally figured out why superscribe Ron Fournier left the Associated Press. We can’t say as much as we know, but we can say this: Fournier, who just got done writing a bipartisan book about the importance of community building in the Internet Age, has teamed up with [...]

Why Semaphores? (or how to bring a powerful server to its knees)

AJAX applications are not sophisticated. They’re a special variety of kludge that we’ve been conditioned as computer enthusiasts to think are special. AJAX hinges on a technology which still isn’t always fully supported (XMLHttpRequest) and requires crafting sometimes overly complex XML documents to achieve simple data transfer. But it beats standard CGI in [...]

Can we give the household chemicals a rest?

SOAP, AJAX. You could almost guess what’s next. That’s right.


HTTP Streaming.

AJAX makes it super easy to call server functions from the browser and have a callback received asynchronously, leading to very responsive, polished web applications.

Now Comet lets things go the other direction. Server to browser, through inline script tags in conjunction with AJAX.

Apparently Web 2.0 [...]