Scott Farrell’s First Campaign Victory

It’s a small one, but the Buzz has awarded Scott Farrell the first Campaign Gumption Award.

There are 6 positive comments already on the blog, the last one makes mention of an online “Town Hall Meeting.”

True? You Might Say That, I Couldn’t Possibly Comment.

Great Expectations

7 Days until Novell releases its Q2 Earnings. It’s fitting that I’ll be in Las Vegas for the conference call. The market has a love/hate relationship with Novell (leaning towards hate at the moment)

Now, I’ve never been much of a SuSE man, favoring Debian, Gentoo or some derivative of those, Ubuntu being my fanboy distro [...]

When the shortest path isn’t good enough

Google maps are great at finding the quickest path between two points of interest, but sometimes that’s not what you’re looking for. On a bike, sometimes you’d like to take the “long way” made up of slow, meandering roads where traffic is scarce and drivers know the meaning of “share the road.” Hence, [...]