Fills a Niche (and your stein)

If you’ve ever been out with me, I don’t make much of a secret of the fact that a take a special kind of pleasure in a good Belgian brew.

Sometimes finding one can be a challenge, though. Sure, there are sites like Coastr that take a a social networking approach to solving the dilemma [...]

Malevolent Design

Scientists claim to have discovered the genetic mutations necessary for an avian virus to evolve into a virulent human virus.

“There are big differences between the virus first found in 1997 and the virus we see now,” says Yoshihiro Kawaoka, who believes that avian flu is evolving into a strain of virus that could potentially spread [...]

As Goes Pasco

Live in Pasco county? You may be the microcosm of Florida. People will watch your results hawkish attention. You are the wine-tasters of Florida elections, and you get your results out quickly. Want to know the likely election results without waiting for midnight? Visit

More Exciting than Sports

You have a little over 7 hours left. I’m a sucker for election days. Like others watch the Super Bowl or the World Series, I think election day is exciting in a way few other days are. Even the ads: the ones I agree with, the ones that make me furious, the [...]

Fame? I think?

I know that this isn’t related to anything at all but as I’ve been spending way too much time developing software, this struck me as amusing: I have a paparazzi.

I was out cycling this morning and waiting for a turn signal when someone pulls up, snaps a picture and drives off. I smiled, [...]