Sounds like a job for…

Thinking about the corruption I mentioned yesterday in regard to the UN contract with Cotecna and the now infamous oil-for-food program, I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s one man who could clean this whole place up, and it’s not John Bolton.

Send Eliot Spitzer.

Okay. He’s not a diplomat or a public administrator, but he’s experienced [...]

The many woes of Kofi and Kojo

Looks as if Kojo and Kofi are in for a rough ride. I admit that Kofi is among my favorite speakers, if not one of my favorite public figures, so take the following with several grains of salt.

It’s a familiar story at the highest levels: Kofi Annan’s son Kojo works for a company that happens [...]

Tour of Sebring

This Saturday was Day One of the three day long Tour of Sebring, an annual event put on by the Historic Kenilworth Lodge. I had the opportunity to ride in the first day of said event. This marks the first tour on the new Trek, and approximately 200 road miles since I bought it last [...]