Is Google Labs the new Bell Labs?

I’ve thought for a while that this is the most accurate comparison to draw in order to understand the magic of why Google works the way it does. Others have noted the similarity as well. Even some former Bell Labbers have flocked to Google Labs.

It’s a fascinating sort of environment to watch from the [...]

Google Transit, or the Bandwagon

Everyone knows by now that you can use Google to find a taxi. But now, residents of Portland can use Google to plan an excursion using mass transit. This is incredibly cool, especially considering that Google compares the cost of driving the same distance. Google is going to save the world and save us some [...]

Just when you thought it was safe to buy Sony CDs

I thought that I might have called this one a little early.

The geniuses at Sony who brought you XCP are at it again. In a story that reads too familiarly these days, Sony and the EFF have announced a vulnerability in the MediaMax DRM software.

Before you wolves begin the next round of [...]

USF isn’t a terrorist hotbed after all

The St. Pete Times reports this morning that Sami Al-Arian is not guilty on eight charges. So when Mel Martinez built a campaign against Betty Castor that consisted of, “Betty Castor is soft on terrorism,” what he meant to say was, “Betty Castor is soft on innocent residents of the US that haven’t been [...]

Rhapsody for Linux?

Linux users, you and I are losing our excuses. You know which one I’m talking about: “No one makes a legitimate music download service for Linux, so I’m stuck using bittorrent or SharpMusique.”

Real Networks is making a preview of its music subscription software, Rhapsody. Here’s the catch. All the music is streamed, so it’s [...]

Good News, Bad News

Bad news first. The skunks in the Big East garden stunk it up tonight with a 28-13 loss to West Virginia tonight. Looks like our impressive defense couldn’t quite hold off the Big East Champion. However, (good news) after Louisville knocked Connecticut out of the running, the Bulls wrapped up a bid to the Meineke [...]

Excuses, Excuses

If anyone has noticed the dearth of posts lately, let me chalk it up to end of semester crunch time. Paper and exams fast approaching leaves little time for blogging even the most trivial.

In addition, I’ve been helping a friend install Ubuntu for AMD64 on his new beast of a computer. Got the [...]