Release the Badger!

Over at Ubuntu, they’ve finally let the Badger out of its cage. Breezy Badger, that is. It’s the third release in a distro that promises to do what no other distro in the history of Linux development has done: bring Linux to the desktop in a mainstream way.

If you haven’t followed my blog for the [...]

Pave paradise; put up 4 more parking garages

After some digging, I managed to find the master plan of Parking and Transportation’s long term goals. They cleverly hid it with the title “USF Master Plan – Parking & Transportation Analysis.”

As it stands, regional mass transit will always get short shrift, since the analysis determined that regional transit is a non-solution to the growing [...]

HARTline and UPass

So let me get this straight. USF students currently ride fare-free on any local HARTLine buses. USF Parking and Transportation covers the fare at a discounted rate which costs them approximately $180,000 a year.

Now the contract is back on the table, and costs are estimated to increase by $92,196. Okay, it’s been a few [...]

Why not some alarmism?

According to scientists, the horrific quake in Kashmir was not as bad as it could have been, nor as bad as future quakes will likely be. In such a highly populated area, the implications are unimaginable.

It’s a wonder more scientists don’t suffer from Cassandra Syndrome.

Blogging with the Badger

Ken at Florida Rant has some nice words to say about Ubuntu Linux. Their newest release is Breezy Badger (a far hipper name that Windows Vista) and it looks slick.

New users will first notice the abandonment of XPDF for the new, very gorgeous Evince. Evince works on Postscript and PDF documents, provides anti-aliasing on [...]

Verizon won’t let me sleep

This morning, instead of my normal alarm (my cell phone playing the theme to “Halo” in my ear) I was awoken by a construction worker whom I have informally dubbed “Thor”.

He is so dubbed because his weapon of choice is a giant jackhammer. His mission is to utterly annihilate the sidewalk outside my condo [...]