Inconspicuous Consumption

Yes, that’s right. The only Thanksgiving tradition that vegetarians are capable of truly observing with gusto.

You know the one I’m talking about. Waiting in the dead of night, loitering in the cold dark for the midnight opening of CompUSA, just to be the first geek to walk out of the store with 420 GB of cheap storage. When phrases like consumer confidence linger only briefly in your mind and your previously spotless credit score once again goes on the bottom line.

Little Bro (who is by no coincidence far cooler than me) and I stormed CompUSA at midnight to snag those Pavlovian deals. After a few short sleep cycles, we regrouped, attacked International Plaza, and Little Bro scored a trendy iPod nano, which he took back to my condo and promptly filled with hip hop of the Kanye West and Common variety. He’s a baller fo’ sho’, or something like that. I should just avoid slang altogether.

Okay, this means very little to my readers, generally speaking, but from all appearances it doesn’t seem like high gas prices made much of a dent in the swarms of consumers on Black Friday. Is this a sign of an upswing in the economy, or just that people who can afford huge hard drives and trendy music players aren’t really suffering from the impacts of a flattening yield curve?

Okay, that was too cerebral for the day following Thanksgiving. How about this: forget the cheap prices or the mobs of people. I’m always delighted to spend some quality time with Little Bro, whatever the context.

Don’t let the seasonal softness fool you though. Some more hard-hitting anti-Sony rhetoric is in the pipeline. I should also mention that I’m thankful for all my readers, however few you may be. I’ll keep on writing as long as you consider my drivel interesting. Thanks for your interest and your time every day. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend as much as I did.

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  • Loved the Black Friday deals! I should have gotten there even earlier to score one of the $150 PCs. Ah well, I still got tons of good stuff. And ooooh…I touched the new iPods….sooo cool. I NEED one!

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