Who Took the Hills out of Hillsborough?

Hillsborough must have exported its hills early in its history, along with Zephyrhills. Where did all these hills go? East Pasco County, that’s where. Site of the Annual St. Pete Times Bike Tour. You remember, the one I mentioned this morning?

In case you missed it, you can leer at the rugged, unspoiled country roads from afar, via the magic of my camera phone: the biggest camera I dare carry on my bike.

Prior to the ride, we were completely unsuspecting.

The early flats were also misleading.

Then we met with some rolling Florida hills. They are scenic from the top, if you’re not panting too hard.

After 30 miles of rolling hills, I lost interest in the scenery and focused doggedly on my front wheel.

After 40 miles of grueling hills, one can roll across the finish line victorious.

My favorite quote of the day:

“These hills aren’t that hard compared to the ones in Italy.”

I think most of my complaining stems from the fact that this was my first ride of the season. I can hardly wait for the Strawberry Century.

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  • Actionstance

    I can relate to the picture of your front wheel. Know exectly how it feels. Oh…. and you know what I would have been complaining about to anyone who would listen.

  • FrMom

    The front wheel shot is my favorite and though I have no idea how it feels it certainly makes me laugh.

  • Brad

    I can relate, I did the 75 miler this year, 40 last year. It’s a great ride. Next year I’m planning to do the 40 miles on my single speed. Pictures are great even if they are a camera phone. Do you know if there are anymore pictures of the ride anywhere?

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