When the shortest path isn’t good enough

Google maps are great at finding the quickest path between two points of interest, but sometimes that’s not what you’re looking for. On a bike, sometimes you’d like to take the “long way” made up of slow, meandering roads where traffic is scarce and drivers know the meaning of “share the road.” Hence, I’ve long wanted the ability to plot out my own routes on something like Google Maps. With routebuilder, I can.

The interface is slick and snazzy, and doesn’t try to implement too many features. A set of input elements keep a running total of miles, kilometers, and feet. It’s very useful for plotting out alternate routes and measuring distance before you get out on the road. This one I’ve done twice: at 32 miles one way, I call it the fun kind of muscle pain.

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  • Actionstance

    I tried it out. You have to plot short sections catching the curves or it plots straight lines cutting off distance.

  • Actionstance

    After thought. Have you ridden a plotted course since the Orlando Ride. I was thinking about riding today but the smoke is like a heavy fog in Melbourne right now. Incredible really.

  • Casimir

    I’ve been taking it pretty easy since I caught this Ebola/SARS mystery illness.

    I haven’t even been to Capoeira or Karate. I even took the day off work. I put the computer on my bike so when I start breathing normally again, I can take off and keep track of my speed.

    No fires in Tampa, actually we just got a serious rain this morning. Maybe that means we can water our lawns again.

  • acm

    Thanks for linking to routebuilder, I’m glad you like the site!


  • I want the ability to enter multiple addresses.

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