Google Adds Transit Planning to Tampa

Either someone at Google or someone at Hartline reads my blog. (maybe both?)

Google announced today that it is expanding the Google Transit program to include Tampa. Hartline helped out Google at no cost except some extra time on the part of their technical staff, and will be promoting the program heavily over the coming months.

Go ahead, try it out for your own commute, or take a look at my commute. Apparently the system doesn’t use express routes so my commute time is shown as 46 minutes. Compare to 16 minutes driving. Ugh. Still very cool work on the part of Google and Hartline!

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  • I think we shall call it Tyler’s Tampa Transit site.

  • chris

    Actually, it does have the express routes – in your case the 23X I think. Try your commute, but this time leaving at 6:30am.

  • Casimir

    Google Transit will put me on the 23X if I tell it that I’m going to a slightly different destination slightly earlier, which is cool. I’m going to have to gather some empirical data and find out which route is actually faster.

    Thanks for the extra input!

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