Forward-Looking Statements

I’ve just started The Way to Win by Mark Halperin, the journalist whose early morning rigor allows me to read all the significant political news by 11 AM.

I thought, with the current elections basically over, this is the perfect time to begin looking forward to 2008. Within the first 100 pages, The Way to Win posits that without the approval of the Gang of 500 early on, a candidate will never gain the momentum necessary to win. In what the author refers to as the “Profile Primary” candidates are given sprawling 4000 word biography pieces that while of little interest to voters, are of tremendous interest to reporters and consultants who end up shaping public opinion among the early adopters of political cycles. I digress. Suffice to say, important stuff.

So we’re left with a few simple rules, I’ll submit a few for any readers with political aspirations.

Visit a supermarket in an average-sized Midwestern city. Check the prices of a gallon of milk, a package of diapers, a box of cereal, and a six-pack of beer. Memorize them.

As a side note, for gubernatorial candidates, if you’ve held the job of Education Commissioner, and build your platform around the FCAT, it pays to know a little bit about the test.

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