A Virus for What?

That’s right, a Korean Mozilla distributor released binaries containing a three year old virus for Linux.

What you say? A virus for Linux?

That’s right, they do exist. However, in my time using Linux (4 years) I’ve been hit only once by the cinik worm on a webserver of mine and it was quickly dealt with.

According to Symantec, the worm has infected between 0 and 49 systems total in the three years it’s been around. This out of an estimated 29 million Linux machines in operation worldwide.

In a gross example of sensationalism, reported that mozilla thunderbird and others were infected, with the implication that Mozilla shipped this somehow. If you use Thunderbird or another Mozilla product, no need to worry. An unofficial mirror was the target, and the problem was corrected almost immediately after discovery.

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  • Virus en version coreana de Mozilla y Thundebird

    De acuerdo al fabricante de antivirus Kaspersky, se hallaron distribuciones coreanas de Mozilla y Thunderbird para Linux infectadas con un virus de tres aƱos de antiguedad, hasta que fueron removidas durante la semana pasada.La version coreana del%

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