The Northwest Passage

I’ve found it. The long sought-after route from Temple Terrace to Downtown Tampa that doesn’t leave you feeling as if you’re going to be run down by the next semi.

Round trip took me a little under two hours, with a pretty stiff headwind half of the way.

The route is as follows:
Whiteway Dr east to Riverhills
Riverhills southwest to 40′th
40′th north to Yukon St
Yukon St west to Rowlett Park Dr
Rowlett Park Dr south to Sligh Ave
Sligh Ave west to Armenia Ave
Armenia south to Swann Ave
Swann one block east to Howard Ave
Howard Ave south to Bayshore Blvd
Bayshore into Downtown or Davis Islands

The final leg through SOHO and along the bay into Tampa is particularly nice, leading you beside a part of the world’s longest continuous sidewalk, which you can take, if road riding isn’t your thing.

When the persistant cyclist arrives, he or she may stand beside the Jose Gasparilla and take a picture much like this one.

The Tampa skyline, as seen from bicycle

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