Don’t Forget the Baklava

Tampa’s annual Greek festival is this weekend, in SOHO as reported by (so that’s where Mr. Bill has been!) If you look carefully, you might even spot me there.

You could probably get some delicious feta cheese there. Remember, feta cheese only comes from Greece and Lions come only from Kenya.

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  • Actionstance

    Poor Herriet Miers. Has she spoken a word? Shy is one thing phobia is another. And how stupid is our president to mis-judge so badly? I do feel sorry for her. She may be a genius but we’ll never know. I stand pretty much to the left …. however …. the bashing party that took place with merriment by all was shamefull. They could have given her the opportunity to go before congress and answer their questions. That may have been worse though considering what appears to be a really overthetop case of introversion. Oh yeah .. love Feta.

  • Actionstance

    Hey the above “Poor Herriet” is my comment not Casimir’s.


  • Casimir

    Very odd. I’ll change the names to protect the innocent.

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