It’s About That Time

As primary time rolls closer, you might start to notice that political blogs have something to do again. Candidates are fund-raising like it’s going out of style, and campaigners are busy gathering votes in anticipation of upcoming ballots.

District 11 is no exception. With Representative Jim Davis running for Governor, the district 11 seat is up for grabs with no incumbent for the first time in nearly ten years.

The race for the Democratic nomination has already attracted a number of candidates. County Commissioner Kathy Castor has some name recognition via her mom, and has done great things on the County Commission. State Senator Les Miller is also a well-qualified candidate and a Tampa native. However, if you’re looking for an up-and-comer with some great ideas and nothing but enthusiasm for putting them into action, check out Scott Farrell. He’s a UF grad that is pro-education, pro-business, and actually doing something to get out a message about alternative energy.

When there are this many good candidates, nothing but good things can come of the primary, but I think you’ve all guessed my endorsement.

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