To My Valentine: The Mass Media

Over the years, you’ve been the relationship that has lasted. You are what I read as soon as I wake up and you’re the last thing I watch before I retire to bed.

You tell the best stories. You make me laugh; sometimes you make me cry. Other times you do things like this and I do a little of both. I feel like I carry you with me at all times.

I feel I can trust you. Around you I can be myself, and though we’ve had our rough spots, times when you’ve withheld the truth, well, you know I never stay mad at you for long.

I hope everyone enjoys their V-Day. I know that the St. Pete Times and I are going to have a great day today.

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  • Actionstance

    Happy Valentine’s Day. Taken any rides lately. Be carefull. The combination of this cold weather, cold aluminum and speed generated wind could endanger your manhood! (Whats with the “posted 1 years, 12 months ago”?)

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