Getting so much better all the time

The great thing about Ubuntu’s regular release cycle, is it gives me new stories on a six month basis. I tend to start obsessing over the new version as feature freezes start and the next release starts to take shape.

So what’s new in the fastest growing Linux distro? Quite a bit.

Someone hacked up a patch to Evolution to support bogofilter over spamassasin so now we have fast, reliably working Bayesian filtering.

XGL looks like it’s going to make it in, which puts some pressure on me to install Ubuntu on something other than my aging laptop. Hear that Gentoo? Your days on my younger-but-still-aging desktop may be numbered. In case you at home are wondering, hardware accelerated desktops are what make Macs so pretty and fluid. Longhorn/Vista promises a hardware accelerated desktop, but it looks like Novell and Ubuntu are going to beat them to it. Yay Open Source!

Speaking of cool Mac features, we’ve had Beagle for a while, but in effort to make things even more Spotlight-ish, the deskbar-applet now launches right into Beagle. Pretty nifty.

Oh, and for your development (outside of clisp) we have Scribes now.

I have to admit, it’s getting better, it’s getting better all the time.

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