Scott Farrell’s First Campaign Victory

It’s a small one, but the Buzz has awarded Scott Farrell the first Campaign Gumption Award.

There are 6 positive comments already on the blog, the last one makes mention of an online “Town Hall Meeting.”

True? You Might Say That, I Couldn’t Possibly Comment.

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  • FrMom

    That’s really exciting. A little gumption goes a long way. Gumption publicity is good. Did the Buzz come up with the Campaign Gumption Award just for Scott and his campaign staff’s efforts?

  • Actionstance

    Your first “leak” experience?

  • Casimir

    Yeah, didn’t think that it was “leaking” when I invited you to beta test :)

    Oh, well, now that you have a blog, I’ll just lump you in with the rest of the press corps.

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