Ubuntu makes top 100

If you don’t believe my previous diatribes on the wonders of Ubuntu, you can listen to Matthew Newton, who named Ubuntu number 27 in the top 100 Best Products of the year.

It comes in below Boot Camp and Craigslist, and above such wonders of modern technology such as Meebo, Flickr, TiVo, iTunes, and Rhapsody. (Okay, okay, scratch Rhapsody from the list of modern wonders.)

In any case, it’s the first Linux that I’ve worked with that’s both geek-friendly and void of sharp metallic edges. The average user will not inflict catastrophic harm on themselves or their machine while running Ubuntu, which is more than can be said for most operating systems, OS X excluded.

If you’re inclined, check Ubuntu out.

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  • heyas all.
    my 40 gig drive is going to good use now. I have installed UBUNTU and have ordered KUBUNTU.
    I dont know how to install the driver for my ati radeon 9600xt.
    Actually i dont know if i am meant to be downloading and installing XFREE86 or the XORG version of the driver. I am downloading them both but i dont know how to do anything in Linux really.
    I dont know where I am meant to set up my modem or set up a net account. (no INETWIZ.EXE)
    So yeah, can someone help me out with getting my ATI driver installed?
    and does anyone know of a good long PDF file i can read and wrap my brain around.
    I’m still a Windows user, but I want to use Linux as much as possible.
    Thanks. :)

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