Feel the Love

It’s less than twelve hours until Gnome Performance Love Day, a hack fest with a sole purpose in mind: make GNOME faster and more responsive in less memory.

I inspired some pretty lively discussion about the future of Linux desktop development. I came across this caricature of GNOME versus KDE development styles, and the culture of Linux desktop in general.

“[GNOME] Development strategies are generally determined by whatever light show happens to be going on at the moment, when one of the developers will leap up and scream *I WANT IT TO LOOK JUST LIKE THAT* and then straight-arm his laptop against the wall in an hallucinogenic frenzy before vomiting copiously, passing out and falling face-down in the middle of the dance floor. There’s no whiteboard, so developers diagram things out in the puddles of spilt beer, urine and vomit on the floor.”

We’ve come a long way from this kind of culture. The question that Seth Nickell raises is can we capture that wild creatively experimental development style, without vomit puddles?

In any case, if you’re interested in making GNOME faster, read the wiki and help out around 1400 UTC October 30′th.

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