Windows Treatment

Perhaps it was some inspiration from the Performance Love Day yesterday, some residual optimism from the release of Breezy Badger earlier this month, or the advances mapped out for March with version 2.14 of GNOME. I found these articles on the Ubuntu wiki. The article, called “Winning the Desktop”, attempts to identify the key pieces of software in the Ubuntu target “switcher” market. (ie. people who like to get software without paying for it)

I was pretty excited to see a few experienced Linux users toss their hats into the ring on a Linux desktop discussion last week. Now, about 30% of my human site visitors use some form of Windows. (gasp!) I’m asking Windows users, especially those who have adopted Open Source software already, what do Windows users want? Besides the $0 price tag, what bugs/features/applications would tip the scales? How could this nebulous mass of geeks and hackers expand this private vice of ours to mainstream appeal on the desktop?

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  • Actionstance

    Once again I’m logged in somehow as Casimir. This is definately actionstance. Also once again this has nothing to do with the techno geek topic above. How about the new supremes nominee? Scalito! He has got to be embarrased. Antonin’s little clone. And the media has been taken right off the Scotter libby story. He may be a great judge …. naw.

  • Casimir

    Yep, you’re logged on as me. Click logout and I’ll change your name. I should make you a guest blogger so you can make posts as yourself instead of off-topic comments ;)

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