Shameless Self-Promotion

Okay, blogs are all about public ego-stroking, so you’ll excuse me if I engage in some right about now.

Open up this PDF, scroll down to page 6 and read the bit about NuSOAP, then read a bit more about who NGP software is.

It’s not much, but poor college students work for recognition almost exclusively, so this is kind of a surprise bonus for me.

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  • Actionstance

    Very cool!

  • wlr3

    I’m a bit disappointed that the screen caps show both a Micro$oft browser and language… Are they paying you off now? hehe

  • Casimir

    Nope. You can keep bowing, I’m still root. Their language and webservice is implemented in ASP. My ultra-cool wrapper script is all PHP. Scott Farrell runs a Linux shop despite how NGP runs their webservice.

    Can’t log into the campaign office from Firefox yet, but with enough effort (and coffee) I’ll have that working too. Might have to use AJAX or SJAX. I think JAX will be involved.

  • Fr.Mum

    Open source pays off with a small bit of fame.

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